Thursday, 5 July 2012


I've been drawing & making art since childhood, for a while now I've mostly used gel pens & paper. I like making the best of limited resources, but there's a bunch of other reasons why this simple combination of materials works for me:

Initially, I was just subverting images from advertising, then became more interested in states such as freedom, integrity, defiance, chaos & desire. I'd rather not explain the characters or situations. Instead, I’ll leave it open as if you're coming into a story without knowing the narrative, or experiencing a passing moment that doesn't last long enough for you to define what's going on.

There's something about understanding too, and trying to understand. That in life there's a lot of mystery and grey area, and - I realise the irony in saying this - things are rarely black & white.

Matt was born in South Africa, and is a self-taught artist. All the art is gel pen on A4 paper. You can contact him at:

and follow his work at: